re-elect  Zack Hudgins

Zack Hudgins is a State Representative, community organizer, activist, husband, dad, and candidate for election to the House of Representatives in Washington's 11th Legislative District

With our current state of affairs, the people of Tukwila, Renton, South Seattle and Kent are burdened with the high costs of health care, the worry of job loss, the coronavirus, and the relentless insults of racial injustice.


I know this because I have lived in the district for over 25 years. We see each other at the grocery store, chat at PTA meetings, and organize together to distribute food to our neighbors. I am proud of my service to the 11th Legislative District and love the diverse residents who live here.  I carry your concerns with me when I go to Olympia. My experience works for you.


As we recover from this pandemic the path forward will present many challenges. I am prepared. Years of service have established my ability to identify issues, solve problems, lead legislation, and create systemic change. With strong, proven progressive values, bipartisan relationships, and the support of community groups and leaders across the state, I will 

advocate for you and your families in Olympia.


I am asking for your support so that I can continue the effort: the fight against racial inequities, striving toward an economy that provides opportunity for all, addressing climate change, protecting your privacy, and to address our biggest challenges yet: recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. 

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