2020 priority ISSUES 

Racial justice and equity

  • Prime sponsor of the WA Dream Act, creating increased opportunity for immigrant students.

  • The prime sponsor of the Cesar Chavez Day recognition bill - first Latino officially recognized with a state day.

  • Champion of Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprises reform to make OMWBE work better.

  • As Chair, drove the Access to Democracy Package of Bills - more ballot boxes on the ground, same day voter registration, Automatic Voter Registration, Voting Rights Act, Native American Voting Rights Act.

  • Inspired by the HEAL Act which drives environmental justice for our communities.

  • I voted for I-1000 in the House, then again once it was on the ballot.

  • My campaign promotes anti-racist and anti-brutality policy proposals.

  • I prioritize centering the voices of those affected in policy debates.

  • I expanded Autonomous Vehicle work group to include labor advocates and advocates for people with disabilities.

  • Leader in the fight to protect all citizens, especially persons of color, from unregulated facial recognition software deployment.

  • I moved a 3 year moratorium on the use of flawed facial recognition software out of my committee with Republicans on a 9-0 vote in 2020.

  • Original prime sponsor of the Breakfast After the Bell bill to feed all kids in the classroom, getting them ready to learn each day, and removing stigmas for those who were food insecure.

  • Prime sponsor in the House of a bill to provide housing to kids who graduate without shelter from high school when they go to  university.

Police Reform/anti-racism/anti-brutality

​The House Democratic caucus legislators are committed to continuing to reform how policing takes place in our communities. While some of these steps will take place at the local level, there is a clear role at the state level. There are many policy concepts circulating now. I stood on the House Floor two sessions ago, in 2019 and reminded the body we need to be community centered, and listen to #Blacklivesmatter and #Sayhername in our deliberations and policy making. You can find my remarks here, at minute 27:55. We should shift from police being only enforcers and towards being protectors within our communities.

I pledge my support to:

  • De-militarize the police,

  • Diversify their ranks,

  • Further restrict the use of excessive or deadly force by police - like banning the use of choke holds,

  • Increase accountability in police guild contracts,

  • Give subpoena and other investigative powers to independent oversight boards,

  • Redirect police department funding to community based alternatives, 

  • Decriminalize and de-prioritize low level non-violent crime, 

  • Increase transparency for misconduct records,

  • Move towards more comprehensive reporting of wrong doing by police,

  • The creation of outside organizations for the independent investigations and prosecutions of wrong doing.

K-12 and Higher Education

Zack's young son attends local public school in Tukwila. He has been endorsed by the Washington Education Association, and the American Federation of Teachers. Zack was the prime Sponsor of the Washington State Dream Act so all students can receive aid regardless of immigration status.

  • Our funding formula should acknowledge the impact of poverty, homelessness, and lack of opportunity, and follow the need of students, not be allocated on a per student headcount. 

  • Funding should be unique to each school or district.

  • I supported the Washington Workforce Investment Act - fully funding the State Need Grant for all families who make $50,000 or less, and giving aid to those families who make up to $90,000/year. This includes access to the trades.

  • I want to offer housing to students who come into university experiencing homelessness.

  • I have voted to fully fund education under McCleary requirements - and there is still more to do.

  • I believe we need more school nurses, counselors, psychologists, social workers. McCleary is just the basics.

  • I work to ensure Running Start programs are funded.


  • I stand with people over systems in reducing costs to promote affordability, access, transparency, and quality.

  • I believe in and support the right to choose, and comprehensive access to women's health care options.

  • I advocate for innovative approaches providing more coverage to more people through programs like the Health Care Authority, Apple Health, The WA Health Exchange, The Public Option, and Medicaid expansion.

  • Health care is a right and everyone should have access to good quality health care.

  • I support age-appropriate medically accurate sexual health education in our schools.

  • We need to continue to improve mental health funding across the board.

  • I secured funding for a new health clinic in Tukwila, on International Blvd.​

Housing and working families

  • We need to build more housing; I supported and voted for hundreds of millions of dollars for the Housing Trust Fund to build more housing, help those immediately in need of shelter and to prevent homelessness.

  • I supported:

    • a ban on income discrimination for renters.

    • the eviction moratorium and mortgage forbearance during the pandemic and recovery.

    • a 5-day grace period in law for rental agreements.

    • more time for tenants to pay large up front costs.

    • more notice for tenants of rent increases.

    • more financing tools for local governments to build or encourage more housing.

  • I secured millions of dollars for housing projects in the Renton Highlands sunset redevelopment area.

  • I voted for the state's Paid Family and Medical Leave Act

  • I oppose right to work

  • I am a dues paying union member in CWA/Washtech 37083


  • Washington Conservation Voters Legislator of the year in 2012.

  • Endorsed by both Sierra Club and WA Conservation Voters.

  • I support policies that reduce carbon emissions by investing in low-carbon jobs and clean energy.

  • I voted for a clean fuel standard in the State House and want more discussion on an air quality surcharge on vehicle purchases, or a carbon pricing model to spread out the impact of climate goals.

  • I advocate for tax incentives that are aligned with climate and job goals.

  • I was proud to vote for our 100% clean energy standard this last term.

tax policy and state budget

I support a capital gains tax and am exploring the idea of taxing consumer data under our digital goods or advertising structure that already is in place.

  • I am interested in a tax on excessive compensation, removing the cap for the workforce education fund, reforming the estate tax, and creating a wealth tax, millionaire tax, or inheritance tax.

  • Washington State has the most regressive tax system in the nation; we need to move to progressive taxation that will benefit everyone in Washington.

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